As per estimated data, Cyber crime damages are expected to reach almost $6 trillion annually by 2021, Technology industry is more often targeted by the cyber criminals because it is one of the fastest-growing industries. Tech sector is constantly developing and providing brand-new solutions. All these large scale developments are also opening its doors for cyber criminals, that can easily enter due to untested innovation, Old hardware, and lack of awareness.

Due to careless approach and lack of awareness criminals can easily enter in main computers/ servers/ systems and can collect company/ business or customer’s personal and financial data for the misuse purpose. And If they gain access once, then they can also open a permanent door for more criminals (Hackers and attackers) for their own goal and profit. These cyber criminals can also disarrange internet services or even they can shut down servers and website with DDoS attacks.

Handling all these important, risky and harmful stuff, is a big responsibility of a technical and cyber enterprises. Which will be responsible to protect proprietary information from threats and cyber criminals.

VTINFOSEC provide safety from criminals concerns for every sector. Our team, works according to customer, business or organization needs.
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