Cyber Security Services never ended, because it helps the organizations to tackle the cybersecurity attacks. Today’s security purpose, the Advance Thread Defence or McAfee Advanced Threat Defense helps organizations to detect zero-day malware with an innovative, layered approach. Protects organizations’ primary threat vectors, such as email, while providing visibility into advanced malware and persistent attacks moving laterally across networks. We provide security managers with a framework to select and deploy the most-effective threat defense technologies. Advanced threat defense will help you to safe from threats these features.

  • Elastic and Centralized deployment.
  • Tight Product Adjustment with optimal results.
  • Reduce the time of investigation.

McAfee addresses 3’F key requirements needed to solve today’s advanced malware problem:

  • Find: Stopping or preventing the attack in the first place.
  • Freeze: Disrupting and countering the subsequent attack activity.
  • Fix: Breaking the attack chain or life cycle.

Advantages of Advanced Thread Defence:

  • Secure your mailboxes against advanced threats.
  • Protect against unsafe attachments.
  • Protects your environment when the user clicks malicious links.
  • Get rich reporting and track links in messages.